Our Mission

We are an international association of Buddhist Yogis.

Founded by Pema Khandro, our vibrant community trains in the philosophy and practices of Tibetan Buddhist Yogis,
the non-celibate, life-embracing path of Tibetan Buddhism

The emphasis of our practices are simple, direct experience of wakefulness and ease. Our centers, clinics and schools focus on the teachings known as the great perfection (Dzogchen) – Buddhism’s most treasured path to awakening intrinsic wisdom.

We celebrate the system of meditation and personal transformation found in the practices of Dzogchen, the Six Yogas, Chod and Tibetan Yoga as taught in the Nyingma lineage.

We explore the practical application of Buddhist wisdom in the modern context, with a specialty in integrating Buddhism with a dynamic, complex life.

We also emphasize nourishing body-mind vitality through natural medicine – embracing Buddhist wisdom as applied and embodied.

We are dedicated to providing accessible, in-depth Buddhist education for students, teachers and leaders. Due to our commitment to integrating Buddhist Wisdom with technology – our online courses allow an unprecedented access to ongoing and advanced study.

About Us

The Tone of our community is serious study with a non-sectarian spirit, in an atmosphere of joyous, down-to-earth warmth and kindness. We favor a non-dogmatic approach to exploring Buddhist resources with an emphasis in the value of questions, doubts, diversity and contradictions.

Our Activities: include community-led meditation classes, group retreats, ongoing phone and online web-cast courses, and a seminary for advanced study.

Our Projects: include a clinic, three residential urban centers, research to preserve the history and culture of Buddhist Yogis, support of Ngakpa schools worldwide and sponsoring orphans in the Himalayan border regions.

Our Values: Above all, Buddhism’s goal is to become a wakeful, ethical and compassionate human being. We believe spiritual awakening goes hand in hand with unraveling the roots of racism, sexism, homophobia and bigotry of all kinds. We are committed to ecological sustainability.

Our Methods: We offer a range of learning environments from study oriented, to practice-oriented, community oriented and discussion oriented, both in person and online – in order to foster diverse relationships with Buddhist wisdom and affordable access to in-depth training.

Our Projects

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Richmond Residential Meditation Center

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What our Members are Saying

I have taken several teachings a month, for over a decade, and each and every one has held a fierce freshness of passion and precision that have kept me longing for more. I meet so many people who talk about having some kind of existential angst, a kind of restlessness within; I feel so grateful to have met Pema Khandro Rinpoche and the Community of Buddhist Yogis, and to have the opportunity to study, because even though life has its ebbs and flows, I feel that I have found a sense of peace.

Being a westerner, I feel as though my practice has greatly progressed taking teachings from a Western teacher. Sharing the same culture has helped me to get to the meaning of some teachings that seemed a bit vague just reading about them in books or listening to teachings online from non-western sources. Being around Pema Khandro and getting to see first hand how she has dedicated her life to Dharma, and how she cares for her community and friends is inspirational.

I am new to the teachings of Buddhism and attended a weekend retreat with Pema Khandro Rinpoche and the Community of Buddhist Yogis. What struck me was her ability to articulate such challenging aspects of the spiritual path. I felt a deep resonating within me while she spoke… as if my channels were completely open. This was the first time in my life that I felt this connection. Even though I am still learning, and technically not a Buddhist, I feel I am a better human being thanks to Pema Khandro Rinpoche.

I have felt a great sense of calm and also confidence in myself knowing that this wisdom is being incorporated into my daily life.