TEXT: Long Life Wish Prayer for Pema Khandro

Pema Khandro Long Life Wish Prayer

Chimetseyi Arya Tarema
Rigdzin Namgyal Pema Khandro yi
Ngon sag leh kyi drehbu min pa yi
Pema Khandro shab pe ten gyur chig

To deathless, precious Tara Victorious Awareness Holder’s Pema Khandro
After having accomplished benefit to many beings in her previous life,
Pema Khandro has returned,
Pema Khandro, may your lotus feet ever remain,
May there be long life for you and may all your teachings flourish.

(Written by Gyaldak Rinpoche at the time of Pema Khandro Rinpoche’s enthronement as the reincarnation of Pema Khandro).