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An online educational platform for the study of Buddhist philosophy and practice –
from the scholar-practitioner’s perspective.

Join us for the study of Buddhism at the intersections of tradition and historical context, in conversation with the profound intellectual developments of psychology, technology, medicine, and science.

Study Buddhism from classical source texts.

Engage in Buddhist meditation.

Train in the full range of Tibetan Buddhist contemplative practices from preliminaries to Dzogchen.

Learn from scholar-practitioners from Tibet, North America, and Europe.

Join a learning community that celebrates diversity, gender-equality and ethics as the basis for genuine learning and rigorous inquiry.

Enjoy In-Depth Study

In live online courses, on-demand education and at-home retreats online

Why online Buddhist Study?

1. For access. We believe that online dharma study provides access for in depth practice for those who might not otherwise ever be able to access it. Caregivers, parents, people engaged in demanding careers, people who live far from a dharma center, people with differently-abled bodies, those who are unable to learn another language and travel to Asia… there are so many who long for serious engagement with Buddhist teachings who need access to the highest quality study and practice. Just as the Buddha taught in the 84,000 languages of the 84,000 types of beings, so too does the dharma continue to be shared in limitless ways for those who have pure motivation.

2. To encounter Buddhism from a scholar’s perspective. Guided by Lamas, Khenpos, Scholars from around the world, let your journey be supported by experts. Books are not enough, there is too much information to sort through on one’s own. Let Pema Khandro and a community of scholar-practitioners from around the world support your exploration of the rich world of Buddhism.

3. To join a learning community. At the Buddhist Studies Institute, online classes do not mean isolation and anonymity. Dynamic, engaged learning is a part of every program. At almost every retreat you will also have the opportunity to meet with the Lama in private online meetings throughout the year to get your questions answered, and foster a connection with a teacher.

You don’t have to do it alone. Experience the life-changing experience of dharma study within a beautiful community of international dharma friends! This is a vibrant, dynamic, growing and ever changing community where members become dharma friends, make life-long friendships, reunite with old friends, meet people from other cultures, meet best friends, and even marry! A rich community makes dharma study easier, more enjoyable, and more rewarding

4. To effectively support serious practice. Students in this community finish ngondro, accumulate millions of yidam mantras, complete the 108 charnel grounds chod, study shedra style Buddhist philosophy classes, take short term and long term courses…. the proof of the effectiveness of online learning is evident here!

5. To learn in a diverse environment. The community is diverse, with beginners and advanced students from a variety of backgrounds. This is possible because the Buddhist Studies Institute programs feature every stage of the path from the preliminaries to the most esoteric contemplative practices, engaging the tradition fully, from a scholar’s point of view.

Find Support

For whole-hearted, vigorous engagement with Buddhism and its diverse interpretations

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Study Buddhist Classics with Pema Khandro

Pema Khandro is a scholar and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. Ordained in the Nyingma lineage, enthroned as a tulku, and trained as an academic, her teachings celebrate the dynamic coalescence of tradition and the contemporary context.

Pema Khandro is an authorized Lama and lineage holder of the Nyingma and Kagyu traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and she was enthroned to carry on the lineage of a Tibetan Yogini who lived and taught in the late nineteenth and the early twentieth century. As a scholar-practitioner, her approach to teaching is to frame Buddhist study and practice within its historical, philosophical and intercultural context. Her mission is to foster conversations between scholar-practitioners and Buddhist communities, to open up greater perspectives on the practice of Buddhism in the contemporary world. For more information visit www.PemaKhandro.org

Join Pema Khandro Online every Wednesday 6pm PST/ 9pm EST

1st Weds  – Vajrayana Training

2nd Weds – Vajrayana Training

3rd Weds – Ngakpa Training Shedra Class by Invitation

4th Weds – Umdze Training

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Study Meditation With Kundini Yedrol Wangmo

Learn the joy of Tibetan Buddhist meditation

with Kundini Wangmo

Wednesdays 8:45 am – 9:45 am pst

Join through Zoom:


Meeting ID: 864 8423 1893
Passcode: Meditation

Practice White Tara with Dr. Satya

A prayer and meditation practice for promoting peace and pacifying obstacles.

White Tara is the female bodhisattva who represents the resilience, serenity and compassion. The White Tara practice is traditionally used to promote longevity, end natural disasters and appease individual and society-wide obstacles.

Join Dr. Satya as she leads the prayer, mudras, mantra and meditation of White Tara.

Satya is a doctor of Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Practitioner, certified meditation instructor and director of Ngakpa Intl.

All members have access to meditation classes online!

New members are welcome!

The world has turned to Buddhism for its wealth of insight into meditation, sciences of mind, regulation of emotions, and models of peaceful living.

For those who seek access to in-depth Buddhist study however, there have been many challenges that have limited such studies to a few people – including the need to learn another language, live in Asia, or leave behind family or work commitments.The Buddhist Studies institute meets the need for an in-depth study which is highly accessible and available in English. In fulfillment of this goal, we have facilitated study with Buddhist scholars from around the world.  As a tradition dedicated to cultivating wisdom, compassion, self-awareness and interpersonal peace, Buddhism offers rich resources for investigating mind, body, self, others and reality. However, the study of Buddhism is historically rooted and has changed from culture to culture, from one era to another, from the point of view of one lineage to another, yielding a dynamic, diverse tradition. Foregrounding this diversity creates a fertile ground for exploring Buddhism within the challenges of the post-modern world. The Buddhist Studies Institute’s mission is to provide opportunities for accessible in-depth study of Buddhist philosophy and practice, while highlighting its historical contexts and numerous interpretations.

Our Affiliations

BSI is a project of Ngakpa International a non-profit organization dedicated to sustaining the traditions of householder Yogis of Tibet. Although our project is sponsored by a Nyingma Lama and focuses on Nyingma materials for weekly shedra classes, we also provide many Buddhist classes with a non-sectarian focus led by Lamas, Khenpos, Geshes and Scholars of various traditions in order to celebrate the beautiful diversity of Buddhist thought. Our goal is to present Buddhist philosophy and meditation in its full splendor, as a resource for rigorous inquiry and development of self-awareness. We aim to offer this while providing abundant resources focusing on the core texts of the Nyingma shedra, the traditional Tibetan Buddhist Philosophical college and the gomdra, the Buddhist meditation retreat training.

The Yogic Medicine Institute

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