Health & Physical Training


Emphasizing aerobic and lower body strength training in the months before departure for Bhutan will help prepare you for hiking at higher altitudes (maximum 11,000 feet). Foundational Tsa Lung breathing exercises will be introduced in a subsequent Vajra Path document and Zoom Meeting. Health concerns will be monitored and addressed throughout the trip, and rejuvenating Himalayan medical formulas (chudlen) will be made available.

If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, please let us know on your Personal Information Form. We also recommend that you bring a range of your favorite trail foods, such as dried fruit and nuts, with you as well as nutritional supplements. You may also want to consider bringing electrolyte tablets or packets of Emergen-C to add to your waterbottle, as well as a pro- biotic and/or grapefruit seed extract to ward off potential stomach disorders.