Travel Arrangements


Please plan your international flights to arrive no later than October 1st into:

  • Delhi, India
  • Bangkok, Thailand

We will book and organize flights for you into Paro, Bhutan on October 2nd with a return on October 18th, unless otherwise requested.

In case of delayed flight departures out of Paro on October 18th, we generally advise that you book an overnight stay in either Delhi or Bangkok for the night of October 18th, prior to your ongoing international flight home.

For booking international flights to and from Delhi and Bangkok, we recommend that you consider booking through Usha Lama at Third Eye Travel, in Fremont, California (+1-800-456-3393, +1-510-487-9010, or +1-510-421-0841) or Vernon Brown at DialAFlight in the U.K. (+44-207-816-1133). They can book flights for you from anywhere in the world.


Unless you intend to explore Bangkok prior to your morning flight to Bhutan on October 2, you may want to consider staying at the Novotel Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport hotel for its convenient location next to the international terminal:

The same would apply for the night of October 18th if you have a flight out from Bangkok the following day.

In Delhi, the Pride Plaza Hotel in Delhi Aerocity is conveniently located near the Indira Gandhi International Airport ( delhi/booking).


Please note that the comprehensive trip fee for this trip includes basic medical insurance while in Bhutan.

Nonetheless, we strongly advise that you acquire travel insurance for this trip. Forbes Advisor presents a range of options:

It is also advisable for all trip participants to carry their own first-aid kit, with standard remedies for respiratory complaints and potential stomach ailments. Altitudes in Bhutan are very unlikely to present any problems in acclimatization.