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Lets. Be. Quiet. Together.

In a world of crisis, chaos, and division, there is an urgent need for spaces for quiet, connection, and support. Our “Season of Practice” event each year begins November 1st and ends on the Tibetan Lunar New Year (Losar). This event gives our members the opportunity to rededicate themselves to a daily meditation practice with the full support of our ongoing Daily Meditation sessions.

The Buddhist Studies Institute offers a 30-minute Daily Meditation Online at 12pm pacific time. Daily Meditation is led by a diverse faculty of certified meditation instructors or instructors-in-training, who facilitate meditation followed by a reading and contemplation of one of the Five Buddhist Precepts. After the Live-stream ends, there is an optional short discussion time for members.

Anyone can view the Daily Meditation Online on our Facebook or YouTube channels. This is a drop in space, come every day, come when you can. Miss it when you need to. Everyone is welcome.

Daily Meditation Online

12pm Los Angeles (PST)   ~   3pm New York (EST)   ~   8pm London (GMT)   ~   9pm Berlin (CET)   ~   7am Sydney (AEDT)

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Stabilization and Liberation

In order to liberate our minds
– we need stable calm.

Consistency & Commitment

Stabilizing in calm clear presence
takes consistent training.

Support & Community

Daily Meditation is a container and support
for your meditation focus.

Daily Meditation online is offered by Buddhist Studies Institute certified meditation instructors
as a free service to our worldwide community.

Together – We Practice!

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bahis siteleri