2021.8.Dzogchen Series.Longchenpa’s Life & Teachings

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Dzogchen Series
Longchenpa, His Life & Teachings

One of the most celebrated scholars of Tibetan Buddhism was Longchenpa, a fourteenth century philosopher-yogi who wrote about Dzogchen.

Dzogchen is the esoteric tradition of Tibetan contemplation, regarded as the highest and most precious body of knowledge held by the Nyingma tradition. It emphasizes teachings on intrinsic buddha-nature as the ground of reality, as well as contemplative relationship with the elements and environment.

Longchenpa’s work on Dzogchen defined the tradition as it is practiced today. Longchenpa’s extensive collected works synthesized the Dzogchen teachings and their relationship to the exoteric Buddhist philosophical movements.

This series features lectures, scholars and teachers of Tibetan Buddhism specializing in the works of Longchenpa and Dzogchen. These classes will focus on the life and teachings of Longchenpa, followed by a day-long meditation course, all online. Join us in celebrating the history of Dzogchen and reflecting on its developments, views and contributions in the life and works of Longchenpa.

Dzogchen Series
Longchenpa’s Advice to Dzogchen Yogis

with Pema Khandro

Join Buddhist Scholar and teacher, Pema Khandro, online for a day-long meditation retreat and study of Longchenpa’s advice to yogis from The Precious Treasury of Essential Instructions. Longchenpa, one of the greatest masters in Tibetan history explains the essence of sutra, tantra and Dzogchen as essential advice including what to avoid and cultivate on the path of awakening intrinsic wisdom. This includes special wisdom for yogis who live outside monasteries, who require vigilance, mental agility and freedom from extremes. From advice for entering the path and to facing death, as well as how to integrate the variety of Buddhist teachings into their essence, and Longchenpa’s final teaching before his own death, Longchenpa’s advice addresses the practical and profound concerns of living life within the profound view of Buddhist practice. This day long online retreat will explore the teachings of Longchenpa, great luminary of the Nyingma lineage and the great synthesizer of Dzogchen Philosophy who shaped the Dzogchen Heart Essence tradition in the 14th century.

  • As this retreat does not include restricted practices, there are no pre-requisites. Anyone is welcome.
  • Participants will be invited onscreen for portions of the retreat during group practice, small group discussions and large group discussions.