VT – August 2022 week 1 – Welcome to Indestructible Reality (3)

In this class, Pema Khandro goes through the passage on pure and impure perceptions and explains that our perceptions appear only from within our own mind. Our perceptions of the same situation may shift from considering it pure versus impure.

She then explains how we can freely have sense perceptions, without any grasping and she narrates Longchenpa’s definition of freedom (from sense experiences). The definition of freedom refers to emptiness, and that emptiness is the answer to freely experience senses without grasping. Longchenpa teaches to see perceptions and sense experiences as magical empty appearances and not see them as true.

Pema Khandro then wraps up Mahayoga with raising the question that: what makes sense experiences binding? The answer is grasping and that we grasp because we have not realized empty appearances. Grasping causes us to be bound by our experiences.

In conclusion, she goes through different parts of Tantric path according to Mahayoga inlcuding view, meditation, commitments, enlightened activities etc. and explains each part in more details.

VT – October 2021 week 1- What is Concealing Buddha-Nature: Metaphors of Transformation and Light

VT – Samaya: The Five Buddha Families Cont.

VT – The Tantric Vows cont. (1)

VT – Practicing the Three Jewels Continued

VT – Light and En-LIGHT-enment

VT – The Goal: Where are we going

VT – February 2021 week 1

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VT – Introduction to the Bodhisattva Vows

VT – The Three Vows

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VT – The Qualities of the Student (Part 2) : The Six Austerities

Khando La begins with a poem of Milarepa that helps us consider endurance within us. The lesson continues to describe the qualities students need to receive the dharma. It explains the six austerities we must endure to obtain the power to withstand hardships in our learning.

VT – The Qualities of The Student (Part one)

This class is based on text from The Great Perfection: The Guide to the Dakini’s Heart, pages 40-41 in the English translation. Khandro La teaches on the qualities students need to receive the dharma. The lesson includes the qualities of appreciation as well as understanding the afflictions that can prevent us from receiving the teachings.

VT – Qualifications of the Spiritual Friend Continued

This class continues to explore the topic of the student-teacher relationship, focusing particularly on the various characteristics of the ideal Teacher. This however is not merely a description of teacherly being, but rather is advice for every single one of us on the path. The question being: What is the ideal Tantric Practitioner?