Changing Your Karma

Meditation  ⋅  Yoga  ⋅  Detox Diet 

Online Training with Pema Khandro, Aruna Rig’dzin and Satya Shiva
Learn at Your Own Pace – Cleanse and Clear your Body and Mind
Real change is difficult to attain because our mental and emotional patterns are hard-wired into our bodies. But this is also our strength. By harnessing the body-mind connection, we can support mental and emotional transformation.

Cleansing is a necessity of life. Letting go of physical and emotional toxins that have built allows us to heal and open up to life, to a new year, to new ways of being.

Cleansing and healing take time, effort and expertise – and it’s difficult to do this alone. But you are not alone, give yourself the support you need! Changing Your Karma – is a guided online course that brings the experts to your own home. Join an online community of fellow cleansers to practice meditation, apply Ayurvedic wisdom, rest your body in a nine-day detoxification diet, learn potent yoga practices and release toxins from your body and mind.

Three teachers will bring you the wisdom of Buddhism, Yoga, and Ayurveda for deep cleansing to support true change in your body, heart, and mind.

Join Pema Khandro, Aruna Rig’dzin, and Satya Shiva for 9 days of cleansing practices. Learn what Karma is and how to change it by applying powerful yet simple practices from the Yogic Medicine Institute.

Program Includes:

  • Changing Your Karma videos and instruction with Pema Khandro
  • Wellness Evaluation Quizzes
  • Daily Cleansing Videos – Conveniently watch at home
  • Daily Health Challenge
  • AM Yoga Video – Invigorate and break through blocks
  • PM Yoga Video – Wind down with relaxation and ease
  • Changing Your Karma Daily Meditation Video with Pema Khandro
  • 4 Online Classes with Discussion and Q&A
  • Ayurvedic Recipes and Shopping List
  • Daily Self-Assessment Journal

About the Teachers

Pema Khandro is a Tibetan Buddhist teacher, scholar, and Tibetan naturopath. She is the founder of the Yogic Medicine Institute, learn more about Pema Khandro here. Pema Khandro will share Buddhist knowledge of karma, change, and the Body-mind connection to help guide you into a week of release and renewal.

Satya is a licensed practitioner of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, and Yoga Teacher. As the Panchakarma director of the Yogic Medicine Institute she has guided hundreds of deep cleanses and is enthusiastic to share her experience with you!

Aruna is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Meditation Instructor and is ordained in the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. As a faculty member of the Yogic Medicine Institute, she specializes in helping clients let go of unconscious blocks while also working with natural diet, supplements and lifestyle changes to bring about well-being on every level. In this course, Aruna will put her knowledge of the Yogic Sciences to work for you!

What people are saying about Changing Your Karma:

I enjoyed the connection with fellow practitioners, teachers, and Rinpoche. Checking in keeps awareness high and hard work a little easier. Knowing that others are going through the same is uplifting in my own practice. Thank you

I just adore having bodily practices like yoga and the 9 purifications being paired with dharma talks and karma challenges. A supremely good combo!

Simple tasty meals, love the teas, structure, Yoga everyday yay, classes on karma, I feel lighter and clearer!

I enjoy how grounded I feel, how stable. And today I noticed that my lower back pain was gone, even though I have been sitting in cars for hours this past week and have flown, and I was able to sit in a meditation posture today without needing to adjust for back pain, leg pain, hip pain, or foot pain.