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Dear Friends,

How do you feel about technology – Smartphones, Laptops, Apps, Websites, Social Media, Email?  Love it?  Hate it?  Love it and Hate it?

If you’re like me, you have mixed feelings, but it’s hard to deny the pervasive and powerful presence of technology in our lives today.

One use of technology that I have zero qualms about, that I have, in fact, seen help many people in a beautiful way is the Buddhist Studies Institute.

Here technology makes possible for the Buddhist teachings to be shared via online classes, retreats and trainings to people living around the world.

Right now, a major upgrade is needed to keep the teachings possible in this way.  The old systems are too cumbersome, out of date and not in sync with one another.  It can’t continue.

Won’t you help? $50,000 will fund a major, much needed upgrade of the digital infrastructure.  Both large and small donations will help this goal be reached.

Please donate today.

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Gifts can also be made by check, payable to Ngakpa International, and mailed to Dakini Mountain, P.O. Box 2396, Nevada City, California 95959, USA.

Ngakpa International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit EIN 68-0529687 and all gifts are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Dakini Mountain Retreat Center

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May we all be more powerful in the most kind way.

Wishing you the best,


Janak Kimmel
Director of Fundraising
Ngakpa International
Buddhist Studies Institute
P.O. Box 2396
Nevada City, California 95946

Ngondro Training
Heart of the Vast Expanse with Pema Khandro

Module 1 begins January 29

Mondays Online

5pm Los Angeles PT  | 8pm New York ET  | 12pm Sydney AET

Ngondro presents the core practices of Buddhist psychology, working with core needs in identity, relationality, forgiveness and repair, resources and the sense of empowerment. Join Pema Khandro and the Buddhist Studies Institute for a journey into Ngongro, the core practice of Buddhist tantra.

Ngondro meditation is the foundation of a solid experience of spiritual growth. Ngondro refers to a series of meditation practices for purifying, training and empowering the mind & body. 

Ngondro means ‘before going.’ In traditional Vajrayana practice, it represents the cognitive, physical, emotional and philosophical components which are keys to the practice of liberation. It is the basis for all Vajrayana practice and thus it is used as a the pre-requisite for the great practices of the Vajrayana tradition. However, ngondro itself is a beloved meditation series for its own sake. It is often practiced many times throughout a life cycle by great yogis of the Nyingma tradition such as Patrul Rinpoche (eighteenth century). 

Without proper instruction ngondro can be incredibly complex and difficult. This course offers a simple, thorough, direct and supported experience of ngondro – making the heart essence of Vajrayana accessible for serious practitioners.

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Meditation Instructor Training

Begins February 19th

Mondays – Online

1pm Los Angeles PT  | 4pm New York ET  | 9pm London GMT

People all over the world have turned to Buddhist meditation as a source of wisdom. Meditation offers a powerful method to access a sense of spaciousness, peace and authentic presence. The practical benefits of meditation are well documented. Research shows it improves mood, reduces stress (Brown & Warren 2003), it improves memory, visuospatial reasoning, sustained attention and executive brain function (Zeidan et al. 2010). It reduces sub-clinical depression and anxiety (Schreiner and Malcolm 2012).

From a Buddhist point of view, when we know how to meditate, we learn how to work with mind and emotions. We have a practice for unraveling conditioned scripts and unconscious habits. Meditation is a pathway to discovering human goodness by making peace with our mind. Ultimately it is a method for getting free from dissatisfaction, resolving confusion and waking up to see reality more clearly.

The Meditation Instructor Training supplies the fundamental knowledge and experience necessary to lead meditation classes and one-day meditation intensives.

3 Modules

Traditional Meditation

Teaching Practicum

Teaching Ethics

This training is a pre-requisite for the Chaplaincy Certificate offered summer of 2024.

Register for Meditation Instructor Training

40-Day Meditation Marathon

January 1 – February 10

Daily Online

12pm Los Angeles PT  | 3pm New York ET  | 8pm London GMT

January 1st is the kick-off to our 40 day meditation marathon. This is an invitation to practice every single day for 40 days from January 1st to Losar on February 10th. It’s so wonderful to be able to share this commitment with others and we invite you to join us every day for our free Daily Meditation sessions. Each 30 minute session is lead by an Certified Meditation Instructor from the Buddhist Studies Institute. Whether you practice on your own time or join us live, we will celebrate all those who complete the 40 day marathon at our Losar Event on February 12.

Register for Daily Meditation Here

Buddhism & Technology –

Bringing the Teacher & Teachings to You

with Pema Khandro

Finish 2023 strong/start 2024 on a sure foot with accessible dharma study online.

“Ongoing study of Buddhism is a potent way to find inspiration, clarity and reset your mindset. Over the long term, dharma study has an extraordinary result – it changes the way we see our world and opens us to a sense of natural goodness. In the past access to such study has limited who can study Buddhism and when.

In the past serious study required learning a foreign language, quitting one’s job to do extended retreat, travel to foreign countries along with all its perils of illness, high expenses and dubious access.

But the power of modern technology breaks through these obstacles. Access to Buddhist philosophy and practice is more possible than ever – even for those with full busy lives. Tibet’s Buddhist Yogis have demonstrated the possibility of balancing spiritual development with commitment to family, work and society.” ~Pema Khandro

Watch Free Online Teachings Here

Are you interested in helping us spread the dharma?

The Buddhist Studies Institute is actively seeking a Manager to be available for 5-10 hours a week. This is a volunteer position.

Manager Responsibilities Include:

  • Create clear project plans and goals.

  • Establish a work plan at each stage of the project, and allocate resources accordingly.

  • Create and manage project budgets.

  • Review project plan to determine time frames

  • Remind team members of deadlines and keep team members on deadlines

  • Identify and remove any obstacles that might hinder the team’s ability to meet deadlines.

  • Effectively communicate project-relevant details throughout the organization.

  • Facilitate project-related team meetings.

  • Share project reports with governance committee

  • Collaborate on the Organization’s plans and priority

  • Design and launch evaluation surveys among team and community members.

  • Be the main point of contact for projects.

For more information, please email info@buddhiststudiesinstitute.org or simply click the box below.

Interested? Email us!

2024 Schedule of Events


Daily Meditation Online
Vajrayana Training1st & 2nd Wednesday of each month
Ngakpa Training 3rd Wednesday of each month



Ngondro TrainingJanuary 29th – October 28


Meditation Instructor Training – February 19 – August 9
Losar Celebration
February 12

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