Chakrasamvara Empowerment & Teachings with Drupon Rinpoche & Pema Khandro


Buddhist Studies Institute

Chakrasamvara Empowerment & Teachings

with Drupon Pinpoche and Pema Khandro

April 7-9 2023

9am-12pm San Francisco [PDT]
12-3pm New York [EDT]
5-8pm London {GMT]

Tibetan tantric meditation unravels the root of suffering through addressing the mind’s relationship with self and identity. Through the deity yoga practice (yidam), tantric meditations provide a direct and potent pathway way to go beyond the limiting concept of self to disinhibit the profound wisdom within.

Led by Drupon Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche and Lama Pema Khandro, this exceptional program will feature three mornings of instructions, practice, and meditations led by Lama Pema Khandro, and the empowerment of Chakrasamvara given by Drupon Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche.

We are honored to host the most excellent interpreter, Ina Bieler! The empowerment will be translated into lucid and easy to understand English.

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Ngondro Training Module 2

Purifying The Mind

Monday, April 24th – Online with Pema Khandro

5-6:30pm San Francisco [PDT]
8-9:30pm New York [EDT]
10-11:30am Sydney [AEST]

Vajrasattva Meditation – Purification of Karma
Ngondro self-paced classes and live webinars will be led by Lama Pema Khandro, scholar and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. Khandro-la’s teachings emphasize Buddhist philosophy and practice from a trauma-informed, feminist perspective that engages tradition with the great questions of our time. Classes with Pema Khandro will be given by self-paced videos and live meetings once a quarter, with practice sessions led in between by Tsalgyur.

Ngondro in the Dzogchen Tradition
This Ngondro training focuses on the foundational esoteric practices of the Nyingma tradition, of Tibetan Buddhism which emphasizes reliance on intrinsic wisdom, through its highest teaching, Dzogchen. The Heart of the Vast Expanse is a cherished ngondro cycle of the Nyingma lineage. It is also known as the Longchen Nyingthig, (klong chen snying thig). This is a cycle revealed by the brilliant eighteenth century Buddhist yogi, Jigme Lingpa, poet, leader, historian, and treasure revealer, whose texts synthesize Longchenpa’s teachings.

Pema Khandro recommends Ngondro teachings for serious students who wish to do intensive contemplative training, in an accessible format. Dedicated to training yogis, householders and lay people outside of the monastery, Pema Khandro presents these practices in their concise, essential form. This comprehensive course on Ngondro is taught in four modules to support the accomplishment of practice over the period of one year, with the training modules completed in nine months.

Testimonials From Recent Ngondro Grads

“What a precious opportunity it has been to receive the transmissions, dharma teachings and practices of the Longchen Nyingtig Ngondro from Pema Khandro Rinpoche! Having completed Longchen Nyingtig Ngondro even just once has been foundational to my life and my practices.” ~K

“This was such a great experience that it made me think a lot about the possibility of this practice, of the high level of beauty, magic, integrity, and tenderness – all of it’s there. It is a better world. It’s a world that I can go to and that’s really like a refuge. I didn’t know what a difference I would feel when I started this. The shimmering of life is dulled down for all these weird reasons, and this is a great remedy for that.” ~I

All of the ngondro meditations are highly psychological and psycho-physical. They deal with the fundamental issues of a spiritual life, ones identity, body, relationships, past and future.

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Pema Khandro on cultivating the boundless love of a bodhisattva for The Lion’s Roar

How to Open Your Heart Further

“When our love is tired or has hit its limits, Buddhism suggests we open our hearts further and tap into a more expansive love”.

This is the advice to cultivate boundless love for all sentient beings when we are parted from those we love is a teaching for us all.

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Ngakpa Training Discussion Group

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

For students enrolled in Ngakpa Training, we will have a Ngakpa Training discussion group to talk about key parts of our reading from the Treasury of Words and Meanings.

The Ngakpa Training offers an in-depth study of Vajrayana Buddhism. The five-year curriculum focuses on a study of Vajrayana Buddhist history, philosophy and practice, focusing on the Inner Tantras of the Nyingma Tradition, also known as MahaYoga, AnuYoga, and Dzogchen. These studies alternate with one on one dialogues with the Lama in phone classes, private meetings, and Vajra Sangha retreats.


This class is open to students who have completed the following requirements

  • Foundations of Buddhist Philosophy Series

  • Buddhist Meditation Series

  • A period of six months in Vajrayana Training or attending three in-person retreats with Pema Khandro

  • Application

  • Interview

To schedule an interview email

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2023 Schedule of Events


Daily Meditation Online
Vajrayana Training1st & 2nd Wednesday of each month
Ngakpa Training 3rd Wednesday of each month
Meditation Instructor Training – Jan 21-Jun 16


Mar 3-5 – Buddhism & Sexuality

Mar 6-27 – Teaching Trauma-Informed Meditation

Mar 25-Apr 24 – Healthy Boundaries for Teachers & Leaders


Apr 7-9 – Chakrasamvara Empowerment & Teachings
Apr 24-Jun 12 –
Ngondro 2 – Purifying the Mind


May 1-22 – Excellent Path: Bodhisattva’s Way

May 24-Jun 19 – Teaching Meditation in a Multicultural World


Jun 1-4 – Chod Retreat at Dakini Mountain

Jun 19 – Aug 14 – Ngondro 3 – Mountain of Jewels

Jun 21-Jul 10 – Teachings on Karma


July 15-16 – Meditation Instructor Training Retreat & Graduation


Aug 3-6 – Annual Dzogchen Retreat, San Diego County

Aug 21-Oct 16 – Ngondro 4 – Intrinsic Wisdom


Program TBA


Oct 6-8 – Vajra Sangha Retreat – Location TBA


Nov 1 – Season of Practice Begins

Nov 3-5 – Bardo Teachings


Dec 1-3 – Buddhism & the Environment

Dec 13 – Pema Khandro Birthday Celebration & Fundraiser


Jan 8 – Feb 5, 2024 – Mahayana Program: The Heart Sutra

Feb 12, 2024 – Losar Tibetan New Year Celebration for Members

Feb 19, 2024 – Ngondro Training Begins

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