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The Bardo Retreat

Buddhist Practices for Death & Dying

with Pema Khandro & Lama Lhanang

Online November 3-5, 2023

Course Details

The profound and inevitable encounter with death has been a subject addressed by great Buddhist philosophers for the last two thousand years. The pinnacle of those teachings were presented in the sacred books that came to be known as the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which was part of a larger tradition of Great Perfection (Dzogchen) manuscripts that addressed the bardos, the phases of change in a life. Those complete teachings describe the phases of change, dissolution, and rebirth. They identify the stages of dying, practices to extend the life force when possible, and practices to die well when possible. They also describe how to help others in their process of departure from a life. This weekend course, hosted by Pema Khandro investigates these moving and precious death, bardo, and rebirth teachings as taught by scholars, and Lamas of the Tibetan tradition. In a format of unprecedented accessibility, this series features self-paced and live classes with Pema Khandro, Lamas and scholars of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as Buddhist funeral ceremony to honor beloved friends, and family who have recently passed away. The course also includes a self-paced course on Buddhist funerary practice, to learn how to help for loved ones who have died in the forty-nine day period as they travel from one life to the next. The oral transmission initiation (lung) will be given by Pema Khandro on the third day of the course.


  • 5 pm-7pm pst (San Francisco)

  • 8pm-10pm est (New York)

  • 11am-1pm (Melbourne) (one day ahead)

    Time will be 12-2pm on last day because of time change on November 5th

Retreat Format

This retreat will be offered on Zoom, an online platform for group gathering.
Participants will need a comfortable, quiet place to sit as well as a computer and internet access.
Zoom Registration to join the course will be given on completion of registration.
Links will also be sent 24hrs and 1hr before the start time each day.
Please email if you have any questions.


This is an open course. Register to come to any or all of the days.

Regular Tuition: $277

Advanced Enrollment Registration by Oct 1st: $199

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Financial Aid Considerations
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