Dosha in Body, Speech and Mind


FRAMEThin physique, unusually tall or short, possibly extremeMedium build, moderately developed physiqueLarger build, stout, stocky, well developed physique, hold weight
WEIGHTLight weight, difficulty holding weight, prominent bones and veins, variable weight gain and weight lossStrong medium muscles, tend toward even weightHeavy, tends towards weight gain, easily accumulate fat and water
COMPLEXIONDarkish, dull tinge, lack lustreReddish, ruddy, flushedLight, pale, pearly
SKIN TEXTUREDry, thin, rough, cracked, prominent veins, wrinklesWarm, moist, pink with freckles, moles, acne/rashes, sunburn easyThick, pale, moist, cool, damp, soggy, soft smooth
HAIR QUALITYCourse, dry, darker, slightly wavy, scanty, may have dandruffFine, soft, moderate, early gray or bald, ruddy head sensitive to sunThick, abundant, oily, very wavy, full of luster, may have excessive body hair
HEADSmall, long, thin, unsteady, tend toward stiff neck, rigidity of head or excess mobility, erratic movementsAngular, moderateLarge, stocky, steady, round, square, least head movements
FOREHEADSmall, wrinkledWith foldsLarge, broad
FACEThin, small, long, wrinkled, dusky, dull, gaunt, weatheredModerate, ruddy, sharp contours, penetrating lookLarge, round, fate, white or pale, soft contours, moon-like face,
NECKThin, long, may develop neck problems with loose tendons, may crane or bend the neckMediumLarge, thick, square, not very long
EYEBROWSSmall, thin, unsteadyModerate, fineThick, bushy, many hairs
EYELASHESSmall, dry, firmSmall, thin, fineLarge, thick, oily, firm
EYESSmall, dry, thin, brown, dull, unsteady, blinking, possible tremors, excessive eye movements, difficult to concentrate eyes on one point for long durationMedium, thin, red – inflamed easily, green, piercing and penetrating, sensitive to lightWide, prominent, thick, oily, white, pearly, attractive, tear easily, may have mucous discharge, movements steady not sharp
NOSEThin, small, long, dry, crooked, narrow, pointedMedium, sharp or pointedThick, big, firm, oily, wide nostrils
LIPSThin, small, darkish, dry, unsteady, tend to thin lips, may bite lips, frequently chappedMedium, soft, red, ruddy lips and face, Thick, large, oily, smooth, firm, big, attractive
TEETH & GUMSThin, dry, small, rough, crooked, receding gums, may have space between teethMedium, soft, pink, gums bleed easily, may suffer inflammatory diseases of the mouthLarge, thick, soft, pink, oily, white
SHOULDERSThin, small, flat, hunched, tend to tight musclesMediumBroad, thick, firm, oily
CHESTThin, small, narrow, slight development, narrow epigastric angleMedium, medium epigastric angleBroad, large, well or overly developed, broad epigastric angle
ARMSThin, overly small or long, slight development, may have pronounced elbowsMedium, wiry armsLarge, thick, round, well developed, fleshy arms and forearms
HANDSSmall, thin, dry, cold, rough, fissured, unsteady, tend toward narrow hands with many lines and pronounced knuckles, or irregularity in shape of fingers, prominent veinsMedium, warm even in cold weather, pinkLarge, thick, oily, cool, firm, big square or round without many lines
THIGHSThin, narrowMediumWell-developed, round, plump
LEGSThin, excessively long or short, prominent knees, may suffer lack of coordinationMediumLarge, stocky, able to stand for long periods of time
CALVESSmall, hard, tightLoose, softShapely, firm
FEETSmall, thin, long, dry, rough, fissured, unsteady, needs to be oiled regularlyMedium, soft, pink, good skin tone and circulationLarge, thick skin on soles, hard, firm
JOINTSSmall, dry, thin, unsteady, cracking, prominent jointsMedium, soft, looseLarge, thick, well built
NAILSSmall, thin, dry, rough, fissured, cracked, darkishMedium, soft, pinkLarge, thick, smooth, white, firm, oily
URINEScanty, difficult, colorless, bubbly or frothy, may be difficult to dischargeProfuse, yellow, red, burning, tend toward urinary tract infectionModerate, whitish, milky, thick urine may have mucus in it
FECESScanty, dry, hard, difficult or painful, gas, tends towards constipation especially in the elderlyAbundant, loose, sometimes yellowish, tends toward diarrhea, may have burning sensation, may get constipated during feversModerate, solid, sometimes pale in color, mucus in stool, abundant, soft
SWEAT / BODY ODORScanty, no smell, seldom sweat, spontaneous sweat may occur in emotional distressProfuse, hot, strong smellModerate, cold, pleasant smell, sweat profusely during exercise
APPETITEVariable, erratic, extremes of appetite, when very hungry may get lightheaded or fearfulStrong, sharp, often can digest anything, can eat large amounts of food without gaining weight, strong appetite and possible anger when hungryConstant, low
BALANCE TASTEPrefers sweet, sour, salty, cooked with oil and spicePrefers sweet, bitter or astringent food, raw, lightly cooked without oil or spicesPrefers pungent, bitter or astringent food, cooked with spices but not a lot of oil
CIRCULATIONPoor, variable, erratic, may be prone to palpitations, cold dry extremities and abdomen, Good, warm, excellent circulation, may be prone to flushed red faceSlow, steady, consistent circulation, may have poor peripheral circulation with cold limbs yet abdomen tends to stay warm



ACTIVITYQuick, fast, unsteady, erratic, hyperactive, generally exhibit some extremes of activity – hyperactivity may bring exhaustion or withdrawal, or extreme mental activity may cause outer activity to be reducedMedium, motivated, purposeful, goal seeking, active towards a particular aim, focused but not necessarily broad in what they attemptSlow, steady, stately, not always adaptable in action and may get caught in patterns of not wanting to act much or often
STRENGTH / EXERTIONLow, poor endurance, starts and stops quickly, often good runners, can develop a great deal of physical adaptability, poor at lifting / carrying weight, tire easilyMedium, intolerant of heat, enjoy demonstrating strength and power but may not have the endurance they would likeStrong, good endurance, but slow in starting, not necessarily high performance
SEXUAL NATUREVariable, erratic, deviant, strong desire bu low energy, may have few childrenModerate, passionate, quarrelsome, dominatingLow but constant sexual desire, good sexual energy, devoted, may have many children
RESISTANCE TO DISEASEFear of cold, wind, sensitive to dryness, have the greatest sensitivity to the elements and must protect themselves properly from themFear of heat, dislike of sun, fire, most tolerant of coldFear of cold and damp, likes wind and sun, do well outdoors, prefer to sunbathe or relax than work or exercise
DISEASE TENDANCYNervous system diseases, pain, arthritis, mental disorders, may suffer from pain and are very sensitive to it, diseases of the bones and nerve mainly through the large intestineFebrile diseases, infections, inflammatory diseases, burning sensation, diseases of blood and liverRespiratory system diseases, mucus, edema, susceptible to congestive disorders, particularly diseases of the lung
REACTION TO MEDICATIONSQuick, low dosage needed, unexpected side effects or nervous reactions, tend to be hypertensive, erratic reactions to herbs or drugs may be extremeMediumSlow, high dosage required, effects sow to manifest, may need strong dosages to notice any effect
PULSEThready, rapid, erratic, superficial, irregular, weak, like a snakeWiry, bounding, moderate, like a frogDeep, slow, steady, rolling, slippery, like a swan



VOICELow, weak, hoarse, may be monotonous with not much strength to voiceHigh pitch, sharp, may be good orators and strong singersPleasant, deel good tone, may have beautiful singing voice
SPEECHQuick, inconsistent, erratic, talkative, may ramble on and on, may at times be silent but talking in mindModerate, argumentative, convincing, tend to talk ‘at’ rather than with, generally trying to prove a pointSlow, definite, not talkative, like to draw out the state of communication, enjoy being with people without necessarily saying much
MENTAL NATUREQuick, adaptable, indecisive, emotions change easily with fluctuating moods, better at information or abstract thoughtIntelligent, penetrating, critical, questioning nature, may have a scientific or probing mind, better at ascertaining goals or valuesSlow, steady, dull, good with broad principals, strong sentiments, much consistency, may be poor at details, dominated by feelings
MEMORYPoor, notices things easily but easily forgets, remember ideas, information, trivia, sensitive to personal remarksSharp, clear, remember hurts and insults, but also victories and achievements, memory colored by their willSlow to take notice but will not forget, remembers personal feelings, love, sentiments, intimate human interchanges, memory is colored by emotion
EMOTIONAL TENDENCIESFearful, anxious, nervous, ungrounded, may show shifting reactionsAngry, irritable, contentious, strong display of emotionsCalm, content, attached, sentimental
NEUROTIC TENDENCIESHysteria, trembling, anxiety attacks, extreme emotional expressions, may have loss of sensory or motor control to the extreme of tremors or convulsions, emotions generally transient and superficialExtreme temper, rage, tantrums, anger attacksDepression, unresponsive, sorrow, lethargic
FAITHErratic, changeable, rebel, unsteady and may go contrary to their faith which may be constantly changing, may have faith in many different thingsDetermined, fanatic, leader, may apply faith in a strong manner and become aggressiveConstant, loyal, conservative, like to stick to faith, unquestioned sense of loyalty, can be attached to the status quo
SLEEP Light, tends toward insomnia, tend to sleep less than 4 hours at a timeModerate, may wake up but will fall asleep again, may have dream-disturbed sleep, tend to sleep 4-7 hours at at timeHeavy, difficulty in waking up, sleep easily, may tend to sleep during the day, tend to sleep for 8-10 hours
DREAMSFlying, moving, restless, nightmares, frequent dreaming that may be erratic or disturbedColorful, passionate, conflict, may have dramatic dreams that may disturb sleep especially when violentRomantic, sentimental, watery, few dreams, least able to remember dreams, may have a vague sense of pleasure from dreams
HABITSLikes moving, traveling, parks, plays, jokes, stories, artistic activities, dancing, diverse and curious in their habits, sometimes eccentricLikes competitive sports, politics, debates, hunting, purposeful, competitive, seek results and achievementsLikes water, sailing, flowers, cooking, enjoy luxuriating and relaxing, or to be lazy