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Module 3

Vajrayana Training

Vajrayana Training offers a rare opportunity to access in-depth education in Buddhist philosophy and practice. Classes are conducted in a traditional ‘Shedra’ style format (modelled on the curriculum of the Nyingmapa Philosophical College) which entails reading the chosen text line by line, contemplating its meaning, and principles. Through this intensive training, students will receive an orientation to the the views, rituals, symbols, practices and core principles of Vajrayana Buddhism.

TEXT: Great Perfection: Outer and Inner Preliminaries by the Third Dzogchen Rinpoche

The Excellent Chariot for the traveller on the Path to Liberation: A guide to the Dakini’s Heart Essence

Continuing our ongoing deep study of the “Guide to the Dakinis Heart,” in this module we move into Chapter 4 of the text (page 112 onwards), studying the philosophy of Vajrasattava Meditation line by line, step by step. Beginning by first analyzing the nature of transformation and spiritual purification, and then examining ethics, lifestyle, and embodied knowledge through the lens of the Nine Yanas (Buddhist Philosophical Vehicles).

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