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Five Buddhist Precepts – from a Tantric perspective

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The five precepts form the basis of a Buddhist way of life and the vows that Buddhists Seek to follow. The Five Precepts are a discipline of freedom, honor, and precision that cover the potent themes of life from the extraordinary perspective of non-duality.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • Buddhist theories about vegetarian lifestyle vs. meat-eating

  • Buddhist perspectives on alcohol and drug use

  • Conscious use of sexual energy, Buddhist philosophy about desire

  • Handling resources, money, and spirituality

  • Honesty, and the speech that takes us beyond confusion

Completion of Buddhist Ethics coursework is required for:

  • Vajrayana Training

  • Meditation Instructor Training Certification

  • Vajra Sangha Membership

  • Ngakpa Training

Overview of Coursework
Buddhist Ethics 1: Introduction to Vows and Codes: the 5 precepts, the 3 vows, codes of conduct, and principles of integrity

Buddhist Ethics 2: Introduction to the 5 Precepts & Precept 1- Doing No Harm

Buddhist Ethics 3: Introduction to the Precept of Non-harming
Is killing ever justified? Buddhist stories and history that give perspective on this issue

Buddhist Ethics 4: Introduction to the Precept of Not Taking What is Not Freely Given – Overview of the precept, systems of exploitation, Tibetan cultures, and practices.

Buddhist Ethics 5: Sexual Misconduct – making sense of different viewpoints.
How to have integrity in one’s sexuality from various Buddhist perspectives.

Buddhist Ethics 6: The Story of the Lying Mahasiddha

Buddhist Ethics 7: Vow of Speech – Speech with Integrity
How to use speech for non-harm and liberation, and how to abandon false speech.

Buddhist Ethics 8: False Speech Addendum
Speaking up in the face of abuse, divisive speech, speaking up and out. An Addendum to The Fourth Precept.

Buddhist Ethics 9: Precept Against Intoxicants – Avoiding the Demented State
How to remain stable in the unaltered state, and discussion on addictions.

Buddhist Ethics 10: A Review – Underlying Principles Behind Buddhist Ethics

Schedule of Training
Live Introduction with Pema Khandro
Wed Jan 25th – 5pm pacific | 8pm eastern

Focus Groups with Aruna Rig’dzin and Dr. Satya
Mondays – Jan 30 + Feb 6, 13, 20, 27
1-1:30pm PT / 4-4:30pm
Optional Focus Groups offer review and discussion of self-paced coursework and time for fostering community connections.

About Tuition
General Tuition: $108

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  • Sustainer (All-Access-Pass) Members

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Ngondro Training with Pema Khandro
Feb 27 – Oct 16, 2023

Ngondro means ‘before going.’ In traditional Vajrayana practice, it represents the cognitive, physical, emotional and philosophical components which are keys to the practice of liberation. It is the basis for all Vajrayana practice and thus it is used as a the pre-requisite for the great practices of the Vajrayana tradition. However, ngondro itself is a beloved meditation series for its own sake. It is often practiced many times throughout a life cycle by great yogis of the Nyingma tradition such as Patrul Rinpoche (eighteenth century).

Without proper instruction ngondro can be incredibly complex and difficult. This course offers a simple, thorough, direct and supported experience of ngondro – making the heart essence of Vajrayana accessible for serious practitioners.

Learn More about Ngondro Training

2023 Schedule of Events

Recent Changes – Due to a scheduling conflict, the Buddhism & Sexuality weekend will now take place the first weekend of March and the Vajra Sangha Retreat will take its place on February 4th. Buddhism and the Environment has thus been moved to the first weekend in December. Scroll down for the most up-to-date schedule of events.

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Vajrayana Training
1st & 2nd Wednesday of each month

Ngakpa Training
3rd Wednesday of each month

Meditation Instructor Training
Jan 21 – Jun 16

Buddhist Women Then & Now
with Karma Lekshe Tsomo & Pema Khandro

Jan 23

Buddhist Ethics
Jan 25 – Feb 20

Vajra Sangha Retreat Online – Vajrakilaya Lung & Practice
Feb 4

Losar Tibetan New Year Celebration for Members
Feb 22

Ngondro Training
Mondays, Feb 27 – Oct 16

Ngondro Training 1 – The Field of Buddhas
Mondays, Feb 27 – Apr 17

Buddhism & Sexuality
Mar 3-5

Teaching Trauma Informed Meditation
Mondays, Mar 6 – 27

Healthy Boundaries for Teachers
Mar 25 – Apr 24

Chakrasamvara Empowerment & Teachings
with Drupon Rinchen Dorjee Rinpoche & Pema Khandro
Mar 31 – Apr 2

Ngondro Training 2 – Purifying the Mind
Mondays, Apr 24 – Jun 12

Excellent Path: Bodhisattva’s Way
Mondays, May 1-22

Teaching Meditation in a Multicultural World
May 24 – Jun 19

Chod Retreat at Dakini Mountain
Jun 1 – 4

Ngondro Training 3 – Mountain of Jewels
Mondays, Jun 19 – Aug 14

Meditation Instructor Training – Final Transmission & Graduation
July 15 – 16

Teachings on Karma
Jun 21 – Jul 10

Annual Dzogchen Retreat – San Diego County
Aug 3 – 6

Ngondro Training 4 – Intrinsic Wisdom
Mondays, Aug 21 – Oct 16

Buddhist Psychology Training
Sept 8 – 17

Vajra Sangha Retreat – Location TBA
Oct 6 – 8

Season of Practice Begins
Nov 1

Bardo Teachings
Nov 3 – 5

Buddhism & the Environment
Dec 1 – 3

Pema Khandro Birthday Celebration & Fundraiser
Dec 13

Mahayana Program: The Heart Sutra
Mondays, Jan 8 – Feb 5, 2024

Losar Tibetan New Year Celebration for Members
Feb 12, 2024

Ngondro Training Begins
Feb 19, 2024