Mountain of Jewels + Dzogchen Retreat


Buddhist Studies Institute

Teaching Meditation
in a Multicultural World

Mondays 1 – 1:30pm, PDT
June 5, 12, 19, 2023

We are not practicing meditation in a monoculture!

This is not the same world that mindfulness was created in, awareness of race, class, and culture absolutely define the context of your meditation classes. Teaching in a way that minimizes harm requires acute sensitivity of the diversity that is present in your class.

Multicultural awareness involves appreciating the uniqueness of every student and what they can bring to the class. If you are not sure how to make your meditation class inclusive, this training is for you.

This series is led by Dr. Pema Khandro, Aruna Rig’dzin & Dr. Satya.

Geared towards supporting Meditation Instructors, this class is open to:

  • Meditation Instructors certified through the Buddhist Studies Institute

  • Students currently enrolled in the 180-hour Meditation Instructor Training curriculum offered through the Buddhist Studies Institute.

  • Meditation instructors who received their instruction and training through other programs and schools.

Dr. Pema Khandro will teach June 12th  and the focus groups are June 5th and 19th led by Aruna Rig’dzin and Dr. Satya.

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Mountain of Jewels

Ngondro Training Module 3 – Online with Pema Khandro

Starts Monday, June 19 – Online

5-6:30pm San Francisco (PDT)

8-9:30pm New York (EDT)

10-11:30am Sydney (AEST)

Mountain of Jewels addresses the mandala offering, the practice of discovering our vast resources and abundance through generosity. Through the mandala offering we learn to discover our sense of vast resources, interdependence and connection.

It is possible to join Ngondro Training at any time, and it can be taken in any order. Join current modules live and take previous modules at your own pace. This module will focus on Mountain of Jewels including Mandala Offering, Vajrayogini Practice and the Seven Line Prayer.

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Annual Dzogchen Retreat: The Choying Dzod

with Khenpo Yeshi and Pema Khandro Rinpoche

August 4-6, 2023 – Online

10am – 11:30pm San Francisco (PDT)

1pm – 2:30pm New York (EDT)

Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to receive transmission in one of the most important Dzogchen texts.

Beyond effort and achievement is the state of natural ease, the basic space of being. How to breakthrough to find this innate expanse is the focus of a profound Buddhist meditation manual known as The Treasury of Basic Space, The Choying Dzod (chos dbyings rin po che’i mdzod). It presents the essence of esoteric Tibetan Buddhism, known as Great Perfection, or Dzogchen (rdzogs chen) in verse form. Venerated as a manifestation of the expanse of reality itself, The Treasury of Basic Space is the quintessential Dzogchen text by the fourteenth century master, Longchenpa.

Join Buddhist Studies Institute for this special program taught online by two esteemed Dzogchen scholars, Khenpo Yeshi, and Dr. Pema Khandro. Experience the power of the coinciding of study and practice.

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Why the World Needs Ngakpas

An Introduction to the History of Tibetan Buddhist Yogis – the Ngakpa Lineage by Dr. Pema Khandro

The Ngakpa tradition is important for the future of Buddhism. This tradition has a long history of literature and philosophy that is relevant to male and female practitioners. Buddhism outside institutions developed brilliant resources for a very direct access to spiritual experience and philosophical inquiry. Such practices are tailored towards the complex lives of people with jobs, families, children; it offers resources that a purely monastic celibate Buddhist lineage does not.

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2023 Schedule of Events


Daily Meditation Online
Vajrayana Training1st & 2nd Wednesday of each month
Ngakpa Training 3rd Wednesday of each month
Meditation Instructor Training – Jan 21-Jun 16


Jun 12,19 – Teaching in a Multicultural World

Jun 19 – Aug 14 – Ngondro 3 – Mountain of Jewels

Jun 21-Jul 10 – Teachings on Karma


July 15-16 – Meditation Instructor Training Retreat & Graduation


Aug 4-6 – Annual Dzogchen Retreat Online: The Choying Dzod with Khenpo Yeshi & Pema Khandro

Aug 21-Oct 16 – Ngondro 4 – Intrinsic Wisdom

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