Teaching in a Multicultural World


Buddhist Studies Institute

Teaching Meditation in a Multicultural World

Developing Multicultural Awareness

Mondays 1 – 1:30pm, PDT
May 24 & June 5, 12, 19, 2023

Multicultural awareness involves appreciating the uniqueness of every student and what they can bring to the class. If you are not sure how to make your meditation class inclusive, this training is for you.

This series is led by Pema Khandro, Aruna Rig’dzin & Dr. Satya.

Geared towards supporting Meditation Instructors, this class is open to:

  • Meditation Instructors certified through the Buddhist Studies Institute

  • Students currently enrolled in the 180-hour Meditation Instructor Training curriculum offered through the Buddhist Studies Institute.

  • Meditation instructors who received their instruction and training through other programs and schools.

Optional weekly 30-minute Focus Groups offer review and discussion of self-paced coursework and time for fostering community connections.

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Chod Retreat with Pema Khandro

at Dakini Mountain Retreat, Nevada City, CA

June 1-4, 2023

The profound method of psychological transformation in esoteric Buddhism is the Chod meditation. Chod is a practice of cutting through to authentic presence through a dynamic meditation involving drumming, chanting, and visualization.

The weekend will be full of group practices including Tsok, Chod dances, and Secret Chod small group sessions. The lung and the teachings will be given by Pema Khandro.

This is the first in-person saga gathering retreat since the pandemic! We will also celebrate Saga Dawa, the birthday and enlightenment day of the Buddha together in person with spiritual community- join us for this profound retreat.

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You’re Caught in a Dream. Wake Up!

“As it says in The Dakini’s Heart, we practice meditation to unravel the root of suffering by discovering our mental afflictions are also like dreams. If we aren’t familiar with mind’s dreamlike propensities, we make our afflictions into our reality”. Pema Khandro for Lion’s Roar

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2023 Schedule of Events


Daily Meditation Online
Vajrayana Training1st & 2nd Wednesday of each month
Ngakpa Training 3rd Wednesday of each month
Meditation Instructor Training – Jan 21-Jun 16


May 1-22 – Excellent Path: Bodhisattva’s Way

May 24-Jun 19 – Teaching Meditation in a Multicultural World


Jun 1-4 – Chod Retreat at Dakini Mountain

Jun 3 – Saga Dawa Celebration

Jun 19 – Aug 14 – Ngondro 3 – Mountain of Jewels

Jun 21-Jul 10 – Teachings on Karma


July 15-16 – Meditation Instructor Training Practicums & Graduation Online


Aug 3-6 – Annual Dzogchen Retreat: The Choying Dzod with Khenpo Yeshi and Pema Khandro

Aug 21-Oct 16 – Ngondro 4 – Intrinsic Wisdom

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