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Saga Dawa

A Celebration with Pema Khandro

June 3, 2023
10am pt / 1pm et

Saga Dawa is the most auspicious day of the Tibetan Buddhist Calendar and a day celebrated by Buddhists all around the world. It is the anniversary of the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and the day he passed away into parinirvana. The effects of actions on this day are said to be multiplied by ten million times because of the spiritual power of this full moon on the fourth month. Join us for prayers and aspirations on this auspicious occasion.

This will be a hybrid event. Those who are participating in the Chod Retreat at Dakini Mountain will attend this event in person. Those who are not able to make it in person for the retreat can still join us for Saga Dawa online! Register to get access to the Zoom links to join.

Join Pema Khandro, friends and members for this joyous celebration of the Buddha’s Anniversary.

About the Teacher

Pema Khandro, PhD

Pema Khandro, PhD

Founder of the Buddhist Studies Institute

Pema Khandro is an internationally renowned teacher and scholar of Buddhist philosophy. She is the founder of Ngakpa International and its three projects, The Buddhist Studies Institute, Dakini Mountain and the Yogic Medicine Institute. In her work as a Buddhist teacher she is an authorized Lama and lineage holder of the Nyingma and Kagyu traditions and was enthroned to carry on the lineage of her predecessor, the first Pema Khandro, an early twentieth century yogini from Eastern Tibet. She has led a vibrant world-wide community since 1999. Through the Buddhist Studies Institute, she also offers a complete curriculum of training in Tibetan meditation and Buddhist Philosophy. She has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, a Master’s degree specializing in Tibetan studies, and a Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from the University of Virginia. Her scholarly research focuses on the history of Dzogchen and on Women in Tibetan Buddhism.

  • June 3rd, 10 am PST

  • June 3rd, 1 PM EST

  • June 3rd, 9 PM Dubai

  • June 3rd, 10:30 PM Mumbai

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