The Choying Dzod Retreat is Tomorrow!


Buddhist Studies Institute

The Basic Space of Being

Choying Dzod Retreat 
With Pema Khandro and Khenpo Yeshi

August 4-6, 2023 – Online

9am – 12:00pm San Francisco (PDT)

12pm – 3:00pm New York (EDT)

Choying Dzod is the meaning of the innate nature of mind, dharmakaya.

It elucidates naked primordial wisdom
without affirming or negating anything.

It is the heart essence of the visions of
the Omniscient Lama Longchen Rabjam.

It is the most profound of all profound teachings.

It is the vivid arising of pure dharmakaya as the teaching.

This excellent teaching is a living buddha.

It fulfills the Buddha’s activities in this world.

It manifests the absolute vision of the Buddha.

Even if you were to see the Buddha in person,
there would not be [any] greater teaching than this

– Paltrul Rinpoche

Beyond effort and achievement is the state of natural ease, the basic space of being. How to breakthrough to find this innate expanse is the focus of a profound Buddhist meditation manual known as The Treasury of Basic Space, The Choying Dzod (chos dbyings rin po che’i mdzod). It presents the essence of esoteric Tibetan Buddhism, known as Great Perfection, or Dzogchen (rdzogs chen) in verse form. Venerated as a manifestation of the expanse of reality itself, The Treasury of Basic Space is the quintessential Dzogchen text by the fourteenth century master, Longchenpa.

Join Buddhist Studies Institute tomorrow for this special program taught online by two esteemed Dzogchen scholars, Khenpo Yeshi, and Dr. Pema Khandro. Experience the power of the coinciding of study and practice on this rare occassion.

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Longchen Nyingthig Ngondro Training

Module 4 – Intrinsic Wisdom

Monday, August 21st – Online

5pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern

Intrinsic Wisdom module 4 focuses on the key theme of Vajrayana, which is empowerment, to experience the power of the indestructible buddhanature within oneself.

This covers the Lama Naljor, the meditation for stepping into self-empowerment through connection with Vajrayogini and Padmasambhava.

The Lama Naljor begins with Vajrayogini meditation and the seven line prayer, a prayer used widely in the Nyingma tradition to supplicate the awakened mind. This is followed by the guru yoga meditation and merging into Buddhahood.

Module Four is open to new and returning students, new comers will be fortunate to join in with a brilliant group of dharma friends. Returning students will reunite with the Water Rabbits to persevere through the profound contemplative training system of Ngondro together.

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Pema Khandro’s Life Story

in Lion’s Roar: Meet a Teacher

Pema Khandro says: “Guess who is featured in the “Meet a Teacher” in Lion’s Roar?! what a fascinating a difficult process to boil down my life to a few paragraphs, and they edited that down even more…. There was a long section about the lamas I studied with and also about being a woman of color and multi-cultural person, adventures in Asia… Despite being so introverted I had alot to say! but it was too long so thanks to the skillful editors its now a pithy glimpse into a few facets of the strange and wonderful journey that I’ve gone on as a female lama, tulku, scholar, and someone who loves to walk by rivers… Check out the section on my heroes! That’s my favorite one….”

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