Treasury of Basic Space, The Choying Dzod Retreat


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The Basic Space of Being

Choying Dzod Retreat 
With Pema Khandro and Khenpo Yeshi

August 4-6, 2023 – Online

9am – 12:00pm San Francisco (PDT)

12pm – 3:00pm New York (EDT)

“I am inalienable sublime knowing.

Outer, inner, and secret are perfect in me.”

-The Treasury of Basic Space

Study the profound Dzogchen manual for meditation and liberation. This text is read to a dying loved one, the crucial support at the most important time. It guides the dying person to realize the nature of mind. Indeed, The Treasury of Basic Space has been read at the time of death of many great Dzogchen masters.

Venerated as a manifestation of the expanse of reality itself, The Treasury of Basic Space is the quintessential Dzogchen text by the fourteenth century master, Longchenpa.

Join Buddhist Studies Institute for this special program taught online by two esteemed Dzogchen scholars, Khenpo Yeshi, and Dr. Pema Khandro. Experience the power of the coinciding of study and practice.

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To train in the precious path of Vajrayana

It is possible to join Ngondro Training at any time and it can be taken in any order. Join current modules live and take previous modules at your own pace. This module will focus on Intrinsic Wisdom including Receiving the Four Empowerments and Merging into Buddhahood.

Ngondro are the foundational practices for purifying, training and empowering the body-mind. They form the basis of Vajrayana meditation and serve as the foundation for the highest practices of the nature of mind. Ngondro means ‘before going.’ In traditional Vajrayana practice, it represents the cognitive, physical, emotional and philosophical components which are keys to the practice liberation. 

This Ngondro training focuses on the foundational esoteric practices of the Nyingma tradition, of Tibetan Buddhism which emphasizes reliance on intrinsic wisdom, through its highest teaching, Dzogchen. The Heart of the Vast Expanse is a cherished cycle of the Nyingma lineage. It is also known as the Longchen Nyingthig, (klong chen snying thig). This is a cycle revealed by the brilliant eighteenth century Buddhist yogi, Jigme Lingpa, poet, leader, historian, and treasure revealer, whose texts synthesize Longchenpa’s teachings.

All of the ngondro meditations are highly psychological and psycho-physical. They deal with the fundamental issues of a spiritual life, ones identity, body, relationships, past and future.

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Finding Rest & Ease in the Nature of Mind

Longchenpa’s Guide to Dzogchen with Pema Khandro

September 8-10th 2023  Online

8:00am-12:30pm PST

11:00pm -3:30pm EST

4:00pm-8:30pm BST

Explore deep relaxation.

Look at your life in a more expansive way

Join us for the opportunity to do a deep dive into the teachings of one of the greatest philosophers of esoteric Buddhism who ever lived.

Experience three days of profound study and meditation in a three-day online retreat with Dr. Pema Khandro.

Finding Rest & Ease in the Nature of Mind

Encounter the profound instructions of the trilogy of comfort and ease, the exposition on the stages of the journey by one of the great Tibetan philosopher, Longchenpa (1308-1364).

This is a classical texted of the Nyingma tradition that provides an outline of the essence of esoteric Buddhism and the contemplative life.

The retreat three-day online retreat is led by Buddhist scholar and teacher, Dr. Pema Khandro, founder of the Buddhist Studies Institute. She will lead the study of and practice of the ngal gso skor gsum, Longchenpa’s trilogy on Finding Comfort and Ease.

About Dzogchen

Meditation in Dzogchen is a method of awakening to innate wisdom and unraveling the obstacles to experiencing it. This is a path of allowing intrinsic wakefulness to manifest through letting go, settling in and supporting the body and mind to discover natural calm.

Dharma Study in A Joyful, Warm Community

Cultivate states of rest and ease in a supportive community of joyful dharma friends.

Learn More About Finding Rest

Motivation & Enlightened Intention:

Bodhichitta Part 1 with Pema Khandro

“Motivation provides the field of practice…we are motivated to grow and awaken.” Pema Khandro

Listen to an excerpt from Pema Khandro’s class on Bodhichitta, the enlightened intention that is the heart of the Tibetan Buddhist path.

Watch Here

Meet a Teacher: Pema Khandro Rinpoche featured in Lion’s Roar

What is Pema Khandro’s principle mind poison?

What was the most important transmission she ever received?

What did Pema Khandro have for dinner?

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