Fierce Compassion, Troma Nagmo – Retreat Day 1


The Opening Prayers, Lineage Supplication and Smoke Offering Practice (Riwo Sang Chod) to formally and traditionally mark the beginning of our time of retreat together.


Introduction Part One: Journey into the Heart of the Black Dakini
– Historical and contextual overview of the Practice and Lineage
– Outline of the study and practice agenda for the Troma Nagmo Retreat
– Yum Chenmo Purification Practice to prepare for the Empowerment and Teachings
– The Samaya Commitments

Lung (Oral transmission)


** Before proceeding to this video, please watch and receive the Lung Transmission (video above)**
Introduction Part Two: Journey into the Heart of the Black Dakini
– Buddhist Psychology and Philosophy of the Troma Nagmo Practice
– Introduction to Troma Nagmo
– The Dakini Principle