TROMA NAGMO: Dedication of Merit

Dedication of Merit ~ An Opportunity for Loved Ones to Benefit

At the end of every practice we dedicate the accumulation of positive spiritual energy for the benefit of others. If you would like yourself or your loved ones and or family members to be named in the dedication of merit at the end of the retreat, please write their names in the box for “Name of Person (whom the request is for)” ~

Dedication of Merit, Troma Nagmo Retreat – Donation Link

Dedication of Merit for…

Karen Cunningham


Derrick Pawo

the Lamas Rinpoche received received the Troma Nagmo transmissions from (pictures on the slide)

Preston Ross

Dakini Mountain

The Buddhist Studies Institute

Ngakpa International

all beings




Kim Morrison

Mick Williams

Aaron Williams

Dé dzin Drolma

Steven and Michelle Kriteman

Spencer Campbell

Susan Caldwell

Mihai Onescu

Grandmother Dorothy Baehler

Elena and Chris Starbuck

Bella Cosci

Tsal’gyur Dorje

the sweet baby deer I killed with my car