Fierce Compassion, Troma Nagmo – Retreat Day 2

Day Two

Welcome To Unflinching Presence: Part One

– Intro to the Visualisation: Aro Troma
– The Story of the Missing Melong: A Metaphor for Buddha Nature

Three Kaya Troma Meditation Practice

Welcome to Unflinching Presence: Part Two
Topics include:
-The Tantric perspective on Anger
-Fierce Compassion
-Altruism in the face of Horror: Lessons from the life of Garchen Rinpoche,
Palden Gyatso & Milarepa
-Expansive Love & the Liberation of Anger: Letting of of the Fictive Self
-The Six Realms

Welcome to Unflinching Presence: Part Three
Line by line explanation of the technical details of the practice (to be continued on Day 3)