How to Prepare for Buddhist Teachings

What are the supportive conditions for meditation?

It is a traditional question that is the first topic to be addressed in Tibetan meditation instruction manuals. For this Retreat, you are invited to set up a special place for the retreat in your home. You can set aside a dedicated space for the retreat such as a room, a closet, a tent in the backyard, an office… whatever quiet place you can find to dedicate to the practice. Doing this will make a difference, and it will be easier to focus if you have a dedicated space.

Even if it is not possible to have a separate space, a partial space in a room can be designated by setting up a meditation seat and small shrine, as well as a table for your computer. We recommend having everything you might need to make it through the retreat days there — some blankets and pillows for comfort, some water, your headset or microphone, and computer, a cushion to sit on for practice, a notebook and pen, your bell and drum if you have them, and some incense for the morning smoke offerings that we do on retreat. The staff will guide you through the rest, so just set up a place as supportive as possible.

Simple shrine

Simple meditation seat

You are also welcome to sit on a chair or couch, whatever is supportive and comfortable for your body. The ideal is to sit upright, but if that is uncomfortable please adapt according to your body’s needs.

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