Moonlight Day 2 Recordings

Troma Nagmo Meditation with Dr. Satya Shiva

Calm Abiding Meditation with Pema Khandro Rinpoche

Review of Day one Homework: What is the Fictive Self?

Dharma Study Day Two: The Demons of Dualism
Topics covered in this lesson include:
-Demon of Dualistic grasping onto form
-Demon of Dualistic grasping onto the formless
-Grasping and Aversion
-“Don’t bite the hook”: Exoteric Strategies
-Esoteric Solution: Realizing Emptiness of Concepts
-Esoteric Solution: Letting Mind Relax in Its Own State

Homework: Find images/symbols of our absolute God (ie. our highest ideal) and Demon
(ie. manifestation of our worst failure and fear)