2022 Dzogchen Retreat – Day 1

Opening Rituals & Prayers:

Dharma Study Session Day One:
Introduction to the Dzogchen (Great Perfection) teachings and meditation practice
Topics covered in this video include:
– Introduction to the retreat texts- Finding Comfort and Ease in Meditation
(bsam gtan ngal gso) and the The Treasury of the Supreme Vehicle (the mchog mdzod) by Longchenpa
– Overview of the the history and context of the teachings including the place that they were composed (White Skull Mountain) and the way they are traditionally transmitted
– Explanation of the term Ngal Gso- (Comfort, ease, rest, relaxation)
– How states of meditative contemplation allow profound rest and act as a ‘vacation’ from Samsara
– The secret nature and boundaries of the Dzogchen Teachings

Practice Session Day One: Corpse Pose, Black Mother Breathing and Sems’dzin Meditation