Honor Your Loved Ones with Dedication of Merit

At the end of every practice we dedicate the accumulation of positive spiritual energy for the benefit of others. If you would like yourself or your loved ones and or family members to be named in the dedication of merit at the end of the retreat, register here to donate.

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Scott Losch

Tim Kasper

Kelly Zaczkowski (za-cow-ski)

Ann Rosencranz

Ganga Stukin

Steve Kaufman

Satya Briskin

Alyse Stukin

Aurora arpendale


Dakini Mountain

Ngakpa International

Sarada Devi

Nancy Vibe, my mother

Christopher Starbuck

Annabella Cosci

Emma Heidt

Austin Heidt

Beth Lesser


the Lamas who Rinpoche received the texts and transmissions from

White Skull Mountain

Preston Ross

Tara Mcleer

Satya Shiva

Tenzin la