Meditation in Context Part Two: A Way of Life. A Journey into the question “What is Tibetan Buddhism?”

In part two of the ‘special’ yearly class we continue on our brief detour from the regular textual study to explore the great question “What is Tibetan Buddhism?”. This deceptively simple question reveals an underlying complexity which exists in the cross cultural transmission of Tibetan Buddhism in the West, and the damaging effects of the colonial mindset which threatens to dilute the tradition.

The topics covered in this class include:
-What is Tibetan Buddhism?
-The Various Rhetorics of Power in Tibetan Buddhism ( Subjugation, Magic, Economic, Charisma, Altruism and Other Virtues, Contemplative, Intellectual, Sexuality)
-Buddhism as a Way of Life, not just a technique
-How does Tibetan Buddhism protect against corrupted change?
-How to participate responsibly in Transmission and Practice whilst at the same time meeting the demands of the modern context and culture